Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Healing Power of Narrative

"I'm a real believer in what I call the healing power of narrative. Meaning you go to the movie and forget who you are for two hours. You have a great time. You get excited. Your heart beats. You laugh. You cry. And when you get out, you are refreshed; you are rewarded. And if a story can do that for you, it's really helped you."

- Stephen Hunter (author of "Point of Impact")

This quote was transcribed from the "Making of Shooter" which was a bonus feature from the DVD of the Mark Walberg movie "Shooter."

It was a really good film that was based on the novel "Point of Impact." I always like to see bonus features that interview the writer. It's insightful to see what a writer has to say about his work.

I like this quote because it speaks to the power of story. If you like quotes on story please click on the label on the side bar to see my ever-growing collection.


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