Thursday, July 3, 2008

All The Same Biologically

“We have, each of us, a life-story, and inner narrative – whose continuity, whose sense, is our lives. It might be said that each of us constructs and lives a “narrative,” and that this narrative is us, our identities.

If we wish to know about a man, we ask “what is his story – his real, inmost story?” – for each of us is a biography, a story. Each of us is a singular narrative, which is constructed continually, unconsciously, by, through, and in us – through our perceptions, our feelings, our thoughts, our actions; and not least, our discourse, our spoken narrations. Biologically, physiologically, we are not so different from each other; historically, as narratives – we are each of us unique.”
- Oliver Sacks. The Man who Mistook His Wife for a Hat, and Other Clinical Tales. HarperCollins: New York, 1985. pg 110-11

This is an inspirational quote. We are all the same on one level but completely unique on another. I like to think that this is the case, but unfortunately, if we are all Story, then we are equal on every level.

I believe that Story is the supreme building block upon which all of life is based. Everything can be related to, or explained, in some way by Story. And while our stories seem to be unrelated and unique, I think with further exploration we will find that they are completely related to form one story.

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