Wednesday, May 23, 2012

The Start of it All

“A commonplace book is a place to collect extracts, poems, aphorisms, etc, for future reference. It is a place to reflect, to bounce ideas around, to observe and record. And that is what I plan to do.”
Chase’s Commonplace Book. September 3, 2004.

This was how I started my original commonplace book four years ago.

Wow, time sure flies! I only wrote 13 entries in between the covers of that book and then I started to record the entries on the computer. Right now, my collection includes 328 entries.

I didn’t record song lyrics when I started this series. I only decided to do so once I started this blog. I wanted to make sure that I would not run out of entries. But the good thing is that I am constantly coming across quotations and scribbling them down somewhere. I then add them to my Word file.

Now I comb through my Word file to find what I want to post up every week. I then try to find a photo to go with the quote and then post that up too.

I’m glad I started this blog. It really is that best way to collect and organize my commonplace book. And who said that a book had to be a book. This format is perfect for it.

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