Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Man I Ain't Yet

"If you're the queen, maybe there's a king behind the joker...
I hate I can't do everything that I'm supposed to
My life is but a dream in view, I see I'm getting closer,
But what that mean to you?
You feel I need to grow up and get a scenic view
instead of try to blow up and do what real people do - work until they croak
'cause two and two makes four and that's what makes sense.
Thanks for waiting for the man that I ain't yet."

I really felt this song and this lyric. I don't know who it is by though. If you do, please help me out and respond in a comment. Thanks.

The song came from WFMU's Coffee to Go podcast from 26/08/2008 and the song was 5 minutes in.

This is a good podcast that plays only hip-hop demos from up and coming groups. They often put up the playlist so you know what songs they played. They didn't do this for this episode so please help me out if you know the name of this song and artist.

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