Wednesday, October 29, 2008

This is My Hit

"What happened to KRS-1's philosophy?

When did hip-hop become hypocrisy?

Consuming flock of sheep - that's society.

We need to change our media immediately.

They breathing shallow words, you gonna swallow what you heard?

Who's leading the leaders, who follows followers?

The world is a pitch for corporate advertising.

My thoughts ain't a bitch switching commercializing

Sky is falling, the earth is erupting

Don't believe everything you hear kid trust me

Analyze. Gotta question, ask it

Or be a market pitch for a specific demographic

Fourteen and a girl, you're the number one target in the world

Question even me gonna believe a catchy hook

Have I got substance?

I don't know take a look."

- Kyprios "This is My Hit" from the album "Say Something..."

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