Monday, April 27, 2009

Rev Run Wisdom

"Good morning everyone. Dont let ur feelings have the last say! U gotta tell ur feelings how to feel...Lets go!! ITS MOTIVATION MONDAY!"

- Reverend Run from Run-DMC fame

Rev Run posts inspirational quotes every day on his Twitter account. This was his message this morning. If you enjoy motivational quotes, you should consider following him at

Here are a few other of his Tweets that I found inspirational;

One way 2 surely fail is 2 try 2 please every 1.. (He who trims himself to suit everybody will whittle himself away) Be U. Talk 2morrow :-)"

Good morning. You are rewarding a teacher poorly if you always remain a pupil.. Dont be a sissy! Get out there and make someone proud!"

Most people dont have hundreds of arguements. dey have da same arguement hundreds of times! (word of wis) Dont let ur ego drive u nuts"

Twitter has won me over. Read my post about it today on Silent Cacophony.

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