Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Gangster Rap Made Me Do It

Beware: Explicit lyrics in this video and post.

Blame the music. It's an easy scapegoat. But don't forget that you have a brain in your head. You can make your own decisions and are responsible for your actions. Now, let Ice Cube speak.

"Thank God when I bless the mic
You finally get to hear the sh*t that you like
A n*gga talking bout real life
so you can try to get this sh*t right
Use your brain not your back use your brain not a gat
It's a party not a jack
Don't be scared of them people
Walk up in there and show them that you equal
and don't be material
a n*gga grew up on milk and cereal
I never forgot Vaness and Imperial
Look at my life, Ice Cube is a miracle
It could be you if you was this lyrical
It could be her if she was this spiritual
Because me and Allah go back like cronies
I don't got to be fake because he is my homie"

- Ice Cube "Gangsta Rap Made Me Do It" from the album "Raw Footage"

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