Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My So-Called Life (autograph)

I always share with you quotes from this excellent television show. This week I wanted to share with you the most prized autograph in my collection.

I wrote Claire Danes a fan letter after watching the second episode of her amazing show "My So-Called Life."

Something about her left me awestruck. I had to write that letter. I became an immediate fan and looked forward to Thursday nights at 8:00 to watch her on that excellent series.

I was almost floored when I received this postcard in the mail a few months later. When I scanned it into the computer, I overlapped her message from the back of the card so you can see it beside her picture.
I love how she wrote "Best of Everything" and signed it with a heart. I always read it as "love Claire Danes."

I have had this postcard framed and in my room for years now. It is my most-prized autograph in my entire collection and I'm glad that I can share it with you here on Tube Tuesdays - bringing you quotes that I have pulled from television or movies.

Believe it or not, I still have quotes to share with you from this awesome show. Please stay tuned.

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