Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I Quit (I Give Up)

"Could it be possible, I'm all dried up, it's all gone?
My worse fears confirmed,
in other words,
there's no more songs.
The ones I had before, so, they were never really mine.
Woke up today to face a steady decline.
And everything I've ever built myself up to be
in my own head
is a misperception of self,
maybe I was born dead.
These moments I thought I lived,
well, hell they're just dreams.
I was wrong about, you, me, everything.
And maybe this little bit of hope
the one I feel now is a lie too,
it's also not real
and none of it's been anything more than a mirage
and I'll keep going, going, till I'm gone.


I quit, I give up
nothing's good enough for anybody else,
it seems."

- OK Cobra "I Quit (I Give Up) from the album Delirium Tremens

I found this song by just randomly using YouTube as a jukebox this week. I'm glad I stumbled across it because this track is fire. I hope that I transcribed the lyrics correctly and that you enjoy this video.

If you want to hear some more great hip-hop today, head on over to my main blog, Silent Cacophony to check out the Cale Sampson podcast and interview transcript. It was after I found his videos to embed in this week's post that I stumbled across this video.


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