Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Crates to Concrete

"From my beginnings as a studio rap tunes 
Kids cut class but I'd be rapping in my high school bathrooms 
Clap boom with freestyle and mix while
thick tiles, reviberatin' sounds I kicks wild
Whatever worked I rearanged it right
Putting my brain in tight flows
remained in night mode,
it strained til light glows til sunrise,
burnin' my eyes til I'm close so I finished it right,
Yo put up the mic, ah one two, check it check
and yo don't step I keep my memory set
maintained and do I screwed up to get ahead, but like my man said
it's gonna turn from green to red
so bring the breaks for the lyrics tapes so they can hear it
thinks they don't fear it wait til they can clear it
with tapes and the emcee at the mix shows thinkin' in quick flows,
I'm waitin' for my chance to flip prose
Save the drama for your baby mama 
I wrote a comma at the end of ninety one
I'm back to bomb ya kid
you better come correct to streets save the week,
cause we're brining it from crates to concrete.

- Kish "Crates to Concrete" from the 1994 album A Nation of Hoods.

Check out Silent Cacophony today to see the autograph I got from Kish back when this album first dropped.

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