Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I Got News

- Sweatshop Union "I Got News"

I saw these guys play on the weekend. It was an awesome show. Check out my concert review on Silent Cacophony.

I love the energy that Kyprios had during this song. I like how he and Dusty run fast on the spot when Kyprios delivers the fastest lines in the song. Amazing!

I tried to take a video of them this weekend but it didn't turn out. Luckily, we have YouTube and I found this performance of their show in Toronto.

Here are some of the lyrics; (Parental Advisory)

"My lady friend loves to question me
About my life and my immaturity
She wants to know if there will ever be security
I'm like, "sure there will, baby, you'll leave me certainly"

Relationships are nothing but a headache,
Cause when you're not getting head, yes, it's a headache
Could you please make love to me for my bed's sake?
Help take away the loneliness a bed feels when you're awake."

- Kyprios from the Sweatshop Union album "Natural Progression"

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