Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Unabashedly Canadian Hip Hop Video

This is some unabashedly Canadian content here.

I really like the way that Classified rhymes "innocence" with "fisher man" Nice Job!

If you like this video, make sure to check him out on tour. He's in Waterloo tonight and London, Ontario tomorrow.

Here are some of the lyrics.

"Welcome to the East Coast, home of the innocence
Still pigeonholed, as a farmer or a fisherman
No major league teams, baseball or hockey
No urban radio, just country and pop beats
I'm trying to shake these stereotypes
So give me space please, let me air out my life
I don't even eat fish, shit I never tried lobster
Cant play the fiddle, and never was a logger
But I swam in clean lakes, and enjoyed cool breezes
But Halifax Harbour's like swimming in diseases."

- Classified "The Maritimes" from Boy-Cott-In The Industry

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