Friday, March 27, 2009

Blog Birthday

Silent Cacophony turns two today. Happy Birthday!

It’s almost hard to believe that it has been two years since I made my first post on my original blog.

Since then, a lot has happened. Please head over there to read a recap of my blogging journey so far.

I started Thoughtful Cacophony as a way to organize the vast collection of quotations I have been collecting over the past few years. I am enjoying running both blogs.

I want to thank everyone who has ever supported me or left a comment. I don’t think I would be doing this still without all of you.

And to the other readers who never leave a comment but continue to show up and read, Thanks.

Thanks to all the great blog writers who I have visited and commented on your blogs. Blogging has been a great experience that I plan to continue for quite some time.

Happy Birthday Silent Cacophony!

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