Wednesday, March 25, 2009

God Bless Da Child

"Nobody said a thing about the kids in Iraq
Nobody said a thing about them babies being born addicted to crack
It’s crazy what we spitting on wax
But God gave us a gift, MCs we gotta do better than that
Hip hop saved me
But it's funny to see that what made me
is the same thing that plagues me
It’s crazy, mental slavery
We ain't going forward or backward in time
Seven ounces of brain matter
Using a fraction of the mind is blind
Behind every no good woman's a no good man
Understand; let your wis know the laws of the land
Put a palm in your hand
We should be proud of the earth
Providing, multiplying through birth
The devil is out to deny you, to divide you and it hurts
We should seize who fell victim
Angels sent from heaven
This hell stricken health system is crippling
Ayo daddy dad running with toast
Mommy dead: drug overdose
It’s the kids who suffer the most
Give them a chance to say,

Hey hey
Back in the day
We used run out and play
Back in the day
Back in the day
Back in the day"

Maestro Fresh Wes "God Bless Da Child"

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