Wednesday, March 11, 2009


"Passing up the times on the remote control button
Civil disobedience of which we know absolutely nothing
History paraphrased and stuffed in a tomb
Antidepressants prescribed to adjust the attitude
Sleepwalking through the mirror slicing toes on the glass
Who knows how long this little peace is gonna last
Cause for every piece lost there is another one to find
Sacrificing on the grind obtaining that peace of mind
I don’t need my piece of the pie
What’s a monopoly, my philosophy
KRS-one combine with Socrates’
Unlawfully we profit, of course conflicted prophecies
Little kids are killed all in the name of democracy
no abolishing the search
look for peace in heaven but it's full with same fools from Earth
cursed in my rebirth I cry for redemption
another attempt to disperse my resurrection."

"Peace" from the album "The Unknown" by Portland Oregon's rap group Animal Farm

If you like what you hear, slide on over to my main blog for the interview I did with Animal Farm on Dope FM. The podcast is available for download and the text version is available on Silent Cacophony. I have embedded more videos over there as well.


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