Wednesday, March 18, 2009


"You know they got me trapped in this prison of seclusion
Happiness, living on the streets is a delusion
Even a smooth criminal one day must get caught
Shot up or shot down with the bullet that he bought
Nine millimeter kicking' thinking about what the streets do to me
Cause they never talk peace in the black community
All we know is violence, do the job in silence
Walk the city streets like a rat pack of tyrants
Too many brothers daily heading for the big pen
Niggas coming out worse off than when they went in
Over the years I done a lot of growing up
Getting drunk throwing up, cuffed up
Then I said I had enough
There must be another route,
way out to money and fame,
I changed my name and played a different game
Tired of being trapped in this vicious cycle
If one more cop harasses me I just might go psycho
And when I get 'em, I'll hit 'em with the bum rush
Only a lunatic would like to see his skull crushed
Yo, if you're smart you'll really let me go 'G'
But keep me cooped up in this ghetto and catch the uzi
They got me trapped...."

- 2Pac "Trapped" from the album 2Pacalypse Now

2Pac is a brilliant lyricist. He is one of the best emcees to ever touch a mic.

This song is off his first solo album and it was released in 1991.

Just check out the multi-syllabic rhymes.

"do to me" - "community"

"concrete" - "wrong street"

"irrelevant" - "devil's friend"

There are a lot more in this song too. See if you can pick them up in this video. This is his first song but remains his best in my humble opinion. Check out the album spotlight I did on Silent Cacophony as well.  Enjoy!

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