Friday, March 13, 2009

Give Rap a Face Lift

This is one of my favorite parts of the interview I did with the rap group Animal Farm.

Chase: “That was ‘Move It’ from the album ‘The Unknown’ by Animal Farm. I like the line where you say ‘give rap a face life back to its true roots.’ So, how ya gonna give rap a face lift?”

Animal Farm: “We give it a face lift back to when it meant something. Ya know, knock of some years past all this plastic crap that’s going on now, ya know what I’m saying? Ya know when I say back to its roots, that’s what I’m saying. Back to when people were trying to mean something with their lyrics. Nowadays you turn on most radio stations, somebody has a speech impediment sounding like mush mouth stuff with some garbage rhymes, ya know? We’re just trying to throw some heat.”

If you want to hear the whole thing you can get it for free at the Dope FM page. You can also read the transcript on my other blog Silent Cacophony.

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